• DisinfectantDisinfectant
  • Hand Wash 500mlHand Wash 500ml
  • Hand Liquid SoapHand Liquid Soap
  • Floor CleanerFloor Cleaner
  • Dish Wash LiquidDish Wash Liquid
  • Shampoon 4 LtrShampoon 4 Ltr
  • Dish Wash LiquidDish Wash Liquid
  • Glass CleanerDisinfectant
  • mobile phoneGlass Cleaner 650 ml
  • cameraTyre Polish

Ruby Cosmetics and Cleaning Industry LLC, Sharjah is a UAE-based manufacturers of trendy cosmetics, bath & body, and fragrance and cleaning & hygiene products. Ruby Cosmetics is relatively new to the UAE market and soon will develop the brand “Ruby” in all over GCC and Middle East cosmetics markets.

The backbone of Ruby is the vast experience and knowledge of manufacturing the best quality and at effective price to cater the needs of the consumers.

Ruby Cosmetics also offers a variety of fragrances and body care products, all remaining, as young and hip as the cosmetics line.

Our Vision

All good things begin with a vision! RUBY COSMETICS must be a progressive company committed to the future of the world of beauty. Without sacrificing any quality or beauty, RUBY COSMETICS will bring the consumer what he or she is looking for- reasonable prices. At RUBY COSMETICS, quality, creativity and affordable price form a synthesis in a brand with a broad appeal. RUBY COSMETICS constantly keeps abreast of trends to fulfill the goal of accommodating the changing needs of the consumers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and create top quality products and brands in constant evolution that satisfies the needs of end-consumers, working as a team with distributors and the most prestigious stores all over . In order to uphold this mission our most important values are, to be creative and innovative, to aim for product excellence, and to create and build strong brands.

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